Welcome to the home of OSU Beavers, Corvallis, OR!

We are so glad you made it! Feel free to use the resources on this page and explore why we are one of the best college town in the country!

Adjusting to a New Culture

Moving to a new community can be difficult.  There are many resources in the community, on campus, and provided by INTO OSU to help you with this adjustment.  See our Cultural Adjustment page for more information.

Cultural Resource Centers

There are many University resources that offer cultural support and resources including seven Cultural Resource Centers.  Additionally, there are multiple student clubs and associations that are focused around countries and cultures.

Student Care and Conduct Support

Having difficulties adjusting to the new culture and the academic stress? INTO OSU provides personalized student care and conduct support to students in need. Feel free to contact our coordinator and she will be able to help!

For crisis and emergency support, please contact CAPS at 541-737-2131 or dial 911.

Schedule a meeting with a Student Care and Conduct Coordinator:

On Zoom In-person


University Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

CAPS Homepage  Accessing CAPS

CAPS Crisis Resources


Religious & Cultural Support

Local Churches and Religious Centers

There are many off-campus places of worship in the Corvallis area and many on campus resources to support students' spiritual needs (including Multifaith Rooms for prayer and meditation).  See the INTO OSU Welcome Guide for more information on religious support.


Praying Rooms and Foot Baths

You can find multifaith praying rooms and foot baths at the following locations on campus. Praying mats are available as well.

International Living-Learning Center (ILLC): 4th Floor.

Student Experience Center (SEC): 3rd Floor - Meditation room & foot washing station. 

Halal Food in Corvallis