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Use the resources provided on this page to learn why Corvallis is frequently voted one of the top college towns in the country.

Local Attractions

Follow these links to learn more about shops, restaurants and other local attractions.

OSU's Life in Corvallis Webpage

Corvallis represents the spirit of the Northwest, with beautiful natural surroundings, friendly citizens, and an outstanding quality of life. It is one of the safest places to live - clean, friendly, and family-oriented. 

Visit Corvallis   Location Icon

Check out Visit Corvallis to learn what there is to do in and around the Corvallis area.  Their website and publication has great lists of restaurants, outdoor recreation areas, hotels, and other great things to do.

Restaurants (map)    Dinner Plate

See Religious & Cultural Support for a list of locations offering Halal food options.

Useful Locations

Banks (map)    Money

Below are some of the many banks with locations in the Corvallis area.  Links lead to Google Maps which provides location, contact information and website link.

Cell Phones (map)  Money

Below are some of the many cell phone providers with locations in the Corvallis area.  Links lead to Google Maps which provides location, contact information and website link.

Getting Around

Whether you are driving, riding a bike, using a ride share service such as Lyft or Uber, or taking public transit, Corvallis is easy to get around.  Use some of these resources to help get started on your journey.

Public Transport (CTS)    Bus

Interested in taking public transport?  The Corvallis Transit System, or CTS, can get you where you want to go!  The best part is, bus rides within the Corvallis area are free! CTS Bus Routes

Driving in the US

Thinking about getting your license?  Start here with the Oregon DMV Driver's Manual.  You'll want to study before taking the driving test.

Bicycle Safety   Bike

Getting around by bike is a great option.  Although you don't need to obtain a license to travel by bike, you should still familiarize yourself with the rules of the road - Bike Safety

Adjusting to a New Culture

Moving to a new community can be difficult.  There are many resources in the community, on campus, and provided by INTO OSU to help you with this adjustment.  See our Cultural Adjustment page for more information.

Cultural Resource Centers

There are many University resources that offer cultural support and resources including seven Cultural Resource Centers.  Additionally, there are multiple student clubs and associations that are focused around countries and cultures.

Religious & Cultural Support

Local Churches and Religious Centers

There are many off-campus places of worship in the Corvallis area and many on campus resources to support students' spiritual needs (including Multifaith Rooms for prayer and meditation).  See the INTO OSU Welcome Guide for more information on religious support.

Halal Food in Corvallis