International Direct

International Direct is an additional layer of academic and personal support services provided to international first-year degree-seeking students by INTO OSU, in close partnership with university departments. These services are in addition to OSU’s First Year Experience for all students, and are designed to ensure a smooth transition to US higher education and a strong start towards a degree from Oregon State University. International Direct services include a personalized study plan with individualized advising and guided registration, additional academic support resources tailored to international student needs, and ongoing personal support from pre-arrival and orientation throughout the first three terms at OSU.

International Year One [Undergraduate Pathway]

International Year One [Undergraduate Pathway] is a structured first-year experience for international students who meet the entry requirements but do not have a high enough GPA and/or English language score for International Direct. The International Year One is designed to guide students through English language and academic skill development while they also begin taking academic courses towards their chosen degree. Students who successfully complete International Year One will progress automatically to degree-seeking status at OSU.

Undergraduate Transfer Program

Students with transfer credits from another university whose English level is below direct-entry requirements and/or who is missing an academic requirement for direct transfer can enroll in the Undergraduate Transfer Program (UTP). UTP offers credit articulation during the admissions process and a customized academic class schedule, including English language courses. Students also receive academic support services throughout the program to help them adjust to the US educational system and the expectations of four year public research university.


Master's International Direct

Master’s International Direct services are provided in the first term of select graduate programs and include comprehensive personal support and personalized academic advising for optimized course registration and adjustment to graduate study in the US.

Graduate Pathway

Graduate Pathway is a structured program for international students who intend to pursue graduate study at OSU. The Graduate Pathway provides both English language courses, personalized advising and academic coaching, and teaches academic expectations for graduate study in the US, while students also begin taking courses towards their chosen degree. Students who successfully complete their Graduate Pathway will progress automatically to degree-seeking status at OSU.


Academic English

The Academic English Program provides students with English language instruction and academic skills to prepare for university study in the US.

Study Abroad with English

Study Abroad with English (SAWE) allows students to come to OSU on a short-term study program and take a combination of Academic English and OSU undergraduate classes. Students can earn college credits from an American university which transfer back to their home institution. The program is customized to each student’s English level and academic interests, with university course options in engineering, business, public policy, liberal arts, and the sciences.

Special Programs

INTO OSU offers customized, short-term programs for groups of 10 or more, including English teacher training programs and full-time academic programs for university students to improve English and experience US university study. Part-time and youth programs are also available on a B2 or tourist visa in various focus areas.