INTO OSU, INTO Giving and The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation


Since June 2016, INTO OSU has partnered with The Corvallis Public Schools Foundation to help area children succeed in school be providing grants that support the foundation's summer programs at Corvallis High School. Grants are provided by INTO's international charity, INTO Giving. Founded in 2008, INTO Giving raises funds for projects that help educate disadvantaged children.

The initial grant from INTO Giving supported the foundation’s summer programs at Corvallis High School. Across the district, more than 350 students take part in these programs each summer. INTO Giving will support interventions designed to help English language learners and students who aspire to be first-generation college students. The summer programs have served as a catalyst in improving high school graduation rates in the Corvallis School District by more than 18 percent since 2012.

INTO OSU works with Corvallis High School administrators to create opportunities for international students to volunteer. The Corvallis School District serves a student population that is increasingly diverse, with students from 70 countries speaking nearly 50 languages. International student volunteers are able to connect with young students who are language learners and set an example of hard work and dedication to summer program participants.

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