General Questions

For more locations and information, please visit OSU Surplus.

  • INTO OSU Welcome Desk: ask the staff at the Welcome Desk if they have your item.
  • INTO OSU Learning Center: located next to Cascadia Cafe in the ILLC. Ask the front desk staff if they have your item.
  • Submit a Lost Item Report: your item may be at OSU's Central Lost & Found. Submit a Lost Item Report.

Please note that most locations charge for printing - this will go directly to your OSU student account and must be paid each term. For more locations and information, please visit Beaver Print.

  • INTO OSU Learning Center: located next to Cascadia Cafe in the ILLC. The Learning Center has multiple computers that you can use. Ask the front desk staff if you need any help!
  • The Valley Library The Valley Library has many computers and printers that you can use, and is open almost 24 hours every day.
  • Cultural Resource Centers (CRC) The CRCs provide a limited number of free printing each day. Ask the staff at each center for assistance first.
Visit Appointments for a list of advisors and how to meet them.
A "Hold" is a lock on your account that stops you from doing things like registering for class or ordering your OSU transcripts. Different departments can put different holds onto your account and you need to visit them to see what they need.

For example: a BR hold means you have outstanding payments that you need to pay before you can register.

You can see holds on your account by visiting: OSU Online Services.

  1. Login in with your ONID account.
  2. Go to Student Records.
  3. Go to View Holds.


Note: All INTO OSU students will have a NR Registration Auto Applied hold - this is normal and it just means that you register for the next term, you need to meet an advisor.

Visit Food@OSU for a complete list of all locations on-campus.
ID Card: visit the OSU ID Card Center, located on the 1st floor of the Memorial Union (next to the coffee shop).

Room Key: visit your Service Center and ask for a replacement.

*Note that there will be a fee to replace both items.

Academic Questions

Classes: Class changes are usually not allowed and can only be done with good reason and approval from your advisor.

Level: Levels change requests will only be considered within the first two day of classes. Please speak to your instructor about this.

These can be requested from the INTO OSU Welcome Desk.
You can request an official transcript online or at the Registrar’s office in Kerr Administration building. To request an official transcript online:


  1. Go to Student Online Services.
  2. Click Student Records.
  3. Click Request Printed/Official Transcript.
  4. You can send it to a different school, send it to your current address, send it to OSU admissions, or send it to another address. Make your selection, then click Continue.
  5. Select how many copies you’d like. If you select Standard Shipping, the transcript is FREE; rush shipping will cost $30. Make your selection, then click Continue.
  6. Confirm that all information is correct. Make sure the address to which you’re having the transcript sent is EXACT and CORRECT. Click Submit Request.
ALS (Academic Learning Service) are classes that are elective courses towards an OSU degree. Students may choose to take these classes as S / U (Satisfactory / Unsatisfactory). A grade of C- or S are considered passing. If students obtain D or U, they must repeat the class.

Admissions Questions

This request form can be received from the INTO OSU Welcome Desk. If you have any specific questions about your sponsorship or financial guarantee, please see the Sponsored Student Advisors.

You can visit them at University Plaza, Room #130.

At the INTO OSU Welcome Desk. Be sure that all documents are sealed and stamped with your school's official seal. (see below)

Documents can also be mailed directly to the Admissions office:

  • International Admissions
  • INTO Oregon State University
  • 1701 SW Western Blvd.
  • Corvallis, OR 97333

They are only considered official if the school stamped them with an official seal, sealed them in an envelope and stamped the envelope with the official seal.

We need to receive the envelope sealed or else it is considered "unofficial". Unofficial transcripts can be photocopied and emailed to us.

Office of International Services (OIS) Questions

In order to travel outside the U.S. and return, your I20 needs to be signed by a Designated School Official (DSO). Each term, there will be "Travel Signature / Vacation Term Clinics" where you can get your I20 signed, or you can visit any International Student Advisor at University Plaza, Room #130 Monday to Friday, 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM.
  1. You should first talk to your Academic Advisors to make sure this is the right option for you.
  2. Afterwards, you will need to first be accepted into the school you wish to transfer for - this means having an official Admissions confirmation / acceptance letter from that school.
  3. With this, print the "Transfer Out" form and bring it to an International Student Advisor.

Finance Questions

  1. For INTO OSU payments: visit the INTO OSU Finance team. They are available Monday to Friday, 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM at the INTO OSU Welcome Desk.
  2. For OSU student account payments: pay with cash or check at the Cashier’s Office in Kerr Administration Building.
    • You can also pay online:
      • Go to OSU Online Services
      • Enter your ONID username and password
      • Select Student Account Select
      • Make Credit Card Payment
      • Enter Credit Card information and click Submit
        • Note that an additional $35 convenience fee will be added to your charges
The INTO OSU Finance team will send you an email, requesting you to fill out a Refund Details Form to ask how you would like your refund. Fill this out and return it to the Welcome Desk.

Please note that refunds can take up to two weeks to process. If you have any questions about the status of your refund, please email:

Housing Questions

Visit our Housing page for a great list of resources (for both on- and off- campus housing) and contact information for INTO OSU's Housing & Arrivals Coordinator.
A Proof of Address is some form of documentation that proves that you live where you say you live.

If you live On-Campus: Visit your Service Center for information on how to provide this.

If you live Off-Campus: A copy of your lease with your name and address stated on it is sufficient, or a letter from any official company, or government office. Examples: a utility bill, a bank statement, or a letter from a government agency.

A Rental Reference is something that most apartments / house owners will ask for when you apply to rent from them. It is a way for them to know where you lived in the past and if you were a good resident.

When you fill out your application for the apartment / house, it will usually ask you to list the contact information of all your prior residences.

If you live On-Campus: Visit University Housing and Dining Services Central office and inform them you need to get a rental reference for your time living on-campus.

If you have previously lived off-campus: It is good to let your previous apartment / house managers know that they will be contacted soon to give a reference check for you. Provide them with the details of the new apartment / house you are looking to rent.

If you live On-Campus: Visit your MyUHDS profile. It will display what address you should use, as well as your mailbox number.

If you live Off-Campus: Your mailing address is your residence address, unless your apartment / house managers have told you otherwise.

You may have a "PO box" address to receive mail. This is a "Post Office" box and it might be located at a different location in your apartment complex or even at the main post office. Again, check with your manager to see if this is the case.