End of Fall Term Housing Questions

If your housing contract will end this term, please see End of Fall Housing FAQs.

General Housing Questions

For a full list of general housing questions, please visit: http://bit.ly/2lcd8WO

Your address can be found via your MyUHDS once you have been assigned to a mailbox.
Visit Food@OSU for a complete list of all locations on-campus.
ID Card: visit the OSU ID Card Center, located on the 1st floor of the Memorial Union (next to the coffee shop).

Room Key: visit your Service Center and ask for a replacement.

*Note that there will be a fee to replace both items.

A Proof of Address is some form of documentation that proves that you live where you say you live.

If you live On-Campus: Visit your Service Center for information on how to provide this.

If you live Off-Campus: A copy of your lease with your name and address stated on it is sufficient, or a letter from any official company, or government office. Examples: a utility bill, a bank statement, or a letter from a government agency.

A Rental Reference is something that most apartments / house owners will ask for when you apply to rent from them. It is a way for them to know where you lived in the past and if you were a good resident.

When you fill out your application for the apartment / house, it will usually ask you to list the contact information of all your prior residences.

If you live On-Campus: Visit University Housing and Dining Services Central office and inform them you need to get a rental reference for your time living on-campus.

If you have previously lived off-campus: It is good to let your previous apartment / house managers know that they will be contacted soon to give a reference check for you. Provide them with the details of the new apartment / house you are looking to rent.

Room Processes

If you wish to experience a different housing accommodation and environment, please see INTO OSU Housing.
  • Different room types have different costs: if you move to a room with a higher cost, you will be required to pay the difference once you complete your change.
  • Similarly, if you move to a room with a cheaper cost, you will be refunded the difference in price.

Please note that room types are not guaranteed to be available. Room change requests are only allowed between Week Two and Week Nine of each term (summer room changes are not available).

If you wish to extend your contract, please see INTO OSU Housing.
  • Depending on your program and future study plan, the extension process can be different.
  • If you plan to stay as an INTO OSU student for the following term, you will sign an INTO OSU extension form and make payments to the INTO OSU Finance team. Your extension contract length will be based on the length of your existing housing contract and your future study plan.
  • If you plan to progress and become a full-time OSU degree-seeking student, your housing contract will switch to a OSU housing contract. Please note that you may be required to sign for a full academic year. You will make payments directly to your student account each term.

If you are at the end of your contract and will be moving out, please make sure to first contact INTO OSU Housing to inform them that you are leaving. Depending on when you move out, there may be forms that you need to sign and processes that you need to follow.

Failure to follow move-out processes properly will result in improper move-out fees.

If you want to cancel your contract, you need to first get approval from the INTO OSU Housing office.

  • See section 8.2 of your INTO OSU’s contract Terms & Conditions for cancellation policies.
  • If you move out of the residence halls for any reason without informing INTO OSU, you will be required to pay cancellation fees.