Before signing a lease for off-campus accommodations, double check that you are eligible to live off campus.  Many students are required to live on-campus for their first three terms of study.  Read more in the INTO OSU Terms & Conditions.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

It is your right to be treated equally.

Landlords cannot treat you differently from other domestic student renters. Just because you are from another country, does not mean that you have to pay higher rent or deposits, or anything else that any other domestic student would normally not have to pay.


If you feel you are being treated differently, please contact:

  1. Student Legal Services
  2. Fair Housing Council of Oregon
  3. Corvallis Community Relations
  4. International Student Advisors
  5. INTO OSU Housing


*You will not get in trouble just for reporting a concern*


Property History

If you want to know if a property has had previous city code violations, or check the crime rate in a particular area, you have the right to search Corvallis public records.

  • Crime Reports:
    • Use the filter to set a date range.
    • Note that these are only reported & published crimes.


This a list of common terms you will see when looking for housing off-campus.

  • “Br, Bed, Bedrm”: Bedroom.
    • Example: “2 br house” means a two-bedroom house.
  • “Bath”: Bathroom
  • “Co-signer”: Someone who will be responsible for your rent and other payments if you are unable or unwilling to make payments yourself.
    • The co-signer must be a citizen of the United States.
  • “Deposit”: - Also called a Security Deposit.
    • A deposit is money you pay at the beginning of your contract. Always check if it is a refundable or non-refundable deposit.
    • This money is held as insurance to help pay for any damages or cleaning needed after you move out. If it is a refundable deposit, the balance will be returned to you.
  • “DW”: Dishwasher.
    • Example: “DW not included” means the apartment does not have a dishwasher.
  • “Furnished”: - The apartment comes with furniture.
    • Usually just means a bed, desk, & dresser.
  • “Landlord”: - Also known as a manager
    • The landlord is the main person in charge of the house or apartment. They will usually be the person you sign the contract with.
  • “Lease”: - This is also means a contract.
    • A lease / contract is the official legal document to sign to stay in an apartment / house for certain amount of time.
    • Leases are usually for 10 or 12 months, but can also be month-to-month.
  • “On-site”: On-site means within the property space.
    • Example: “Laundry on-site” means there are laundry machines somewhere in the property space for you to use.
  •  “Sq Ft”: Square feet
    • A unit of area. Also can be written as “ft2”
    • Example: “900 sq ft” means the apartment’s total size is 900 square feet.
  • “Studio”: - A small apartment with a combined living room/ bedroom.
    • Studios do not have separate bedrooms and are best for one person.
  •  “Tenant”: Also called a resident.
    • A tenant means the person living in the apartment, which means you!
  • “Utilities”: These are services such as electricity, water and garbage disposal.
  • “Unit”: Another word for apartment.
  • “w / d”: Clothes washer and dryer.
    • Example: “w / d included” means that the apartment has a washer and dryer inside the apartment.

Oregon Fair Housing Laws are designed to protect residents from being discriminated by landlords.

What is Housing Discrimination?

"Housing discrimination is treating a person, or a group of persons, differently than others are treated under the same or similar circumstances, or denying the benefits or privileges provided to others. This is illegal if it is done based on one’s protected class status, or because of the protected class of those s/he associates with. Denying an individual or group the right to purchase a home, secure a home loan or homeowners insurance, and buy or rent housing based on their protected status is illegal under federal, state and local fair housing laws and ordinances."

The Corvallis Living Guide is a great resource created by the Corvallis Community Relations department.

  • It will give you more information about your rights, responsibilities and resources as a tenant.
  • Receive a discount by taking a short quiz after reading it!
    • Note that this is only for participating property managements.


Finding off-campus housing is not always easy, so be sure to start looking early! Even if your lease is not finishing for another few months, start considering if you want to move to a new place or renew your lease.

Things to Consider

There are many things to consider before you begin your search.

    • This site lists many great ideas to think about.
  • Be prepared with questions to ask the landlords of the potential place:
  • Distance to campus will affect how much housing costs.
    • Remember that the bus system in Corvallis is completely free to use, so finding a location further away, but close to the bus routes, could save you a lot of money.
    • You could even consider finding a location in Albany, OR.
    • The “Linn-Benton Loop” bus is a free service for OSU students and goes between campus and Albany.


Cost of Living

Corvallis has on average, a higher cost of living than the nation’s average. It is very important to carefully think about your monthly budget and see how much you can afford. There are several additional costs outside of just rent to consider as well.

  • For example: groceries, car payments / insurance, textbooks, furniture, monthly subscriptions etc.


Average costs

  • Rent per month, per person:
    • Studio: $800 - $900
    • 1 bedroom: $1200-$1500
    • 2+ bedrooms: $600 - $900 (per room)
  • Contract fees:
    • Deposits: $300 - $1500
    • Application fees (per person): $25 - $50
    • Rental Insurance (per month): $10 - $20
  • Utilities (per month):
    • Electricity: $60 - $150
    • Internet: $50 - $125
    • Laundry: $10 - $20

Note: These costs are averages. Prices for rent and utilities can vary greatly depending on the apartment complex or house and where it is located.

There many places you can look to find housing, both online and in person.


Helpful tips

  • Check these resources every day! Vacancies in housing can come up at any time.
  • If you see a place you like, call or visit as soon as possible.
    • Applications for apartments are usually on a first-come, first-serve basis, so be sure to get yours in quickly.
  • Never sign a lease without seeing the actual apartment or a proper example of it.


Online Resources

Other Resources

  • Property Management Companies
    • A list of all property managements in Corvallis can be found on this page.
    • Property managers will often put advertisements in local newspapers:
  • The Barometer (OSU’s campus newspaper):
  • The Gazette Times:
  • Check campus bulletin boards located in:
    • The Memorial Union (MU)
    • Valley Library
    • Dining Centers

Sites like Apartments and Zillow are very similar in how they are used. They can be great for finding available apartments / houses, especially if you have certain needs.

  • Note however, that it will not be a 100% list of everything available – always check other resources too!


The following example is taken from, to look for a 2-bedroom apartment that allows pets.

Step 1: Specify your initial search request:


Step 2: Review initial options

1. Click on this to filter with additional amenities

2. Click on this to save this listing (only if you’ve created and signed into an account)

3. This indicates how long the listing has been posted on the site. The less time = the fewer number of people who have seen it, so apply soon if you like it!


Step 3: Filtering Searches
  • When you click on the filter button shown above, you will see an additional menu:
    • There are many different ways to search for exactly what you are looking for.
    • The numbers in the brackets indicate how many listings match your requests.
    • Once you have selected what you need, click “Done” at the bottom.

Note: Keep in mind that finding all the features you want may not always be possible. Think about other ways you could get those features.

  • For example, if you absolutely must have air-conditioning, you may want to consider purchasing your own and finding an apartment that will fit it.



Once you have made your selections, it will show you all listings that match your requests:


Step 4: Review an option you like
  • When you click on a listing, you will be able to review further details about it, along with contact information for that listing.
  • Always be sure to check if they list additional fees, amenities, pictures, reviews etc.
  • Remember, this will hopefully be the place you will live in for the next month to a year +, so make sure it is as wonderful as it can possibly be!


Step 5: Contact the property

Most listings will provide an office address or a phone number you can call.

They may also have a contact form on the website so you can email them directly.

Note: If they have a local office, it is always best to visit them in person so that they can meet you!


Helpful Tips

  • Create an account for these websites.
    • You can save listings to look at later and even be notified if a new location becomes available.
  • If you find a place you like, Google it further.
    • You can often find more pictures online and reviews so that you can make a more informed decision.
  • Always check the address and the distance to your classes.
    • Remember, buses in Corvallis are free but you need to be near to a bus stop!
  • Redo your searches every day.
    • Something new may become available that is perfect for you!

Craigslist is an advertising website that is available in most cities of the U.S. You can use it to find anything from jobs, to community events, to phones and even housing.


  • Always be careful when searching for things on Craigslist. Anyone can post anything and it is not moderated.
    • Watch out for scams or false advertisements.
    • For more information on scams, see:
  • Never post or send sensitive information or documents (such as bank account information, passport / I20 information or social security numbers).
  • Always meet the person selling what you are looking for – do not send any money without meeting the person first.


Searching for Housing

Searching on Craigslist is similar to using the websites in the previous pages.

Step 1: Select the filters you need and start your search


Step 2: Select a listing that looks appealing


Step 3: Review all the details about the listing


Note: the amount of detail for each listing can vary greatly. Keep in mind that some of these listings are not made by official property managements.

Fellow students can also post listings, looking for roommates or someone to take over their contract.


Contact information

If you do not see contact information in the details of the listing, you can always contact the person who posted it using Craigslist’s contact option

  • If you create an account on Craigslist, it will automatically generate a scrambled version of your email. This is to help protect your privacy.
  • If you copy the email address and paste it into your personal email service provider however, the other person will see your actual email address.

Searching for a room to rent in a home

This is a list of all the major property management companies in Corvallis. Note that this may not include private ownerships or other tenants renting out rooms.

If you are only going to be in Corvallis for a short period, or you are in need of temporary housing, it might be best to find a short-term lease.

Temporary Housing (up to a day, week, month+)

These options can be a variety of different locations and styles, and are best used while you are looking for a permanent place.


Month-to-month Apartments

Finding a month-to-month apartment can unfortunately be difficult in Corvallis and contracts are usually more expensive than a regular contract. However, it might be the best option if you're only here for a month or two, or till you find a more permanent apartment.

Use the resources on the previous pages or call the property managers to see if they would consider a month-to-month contract.


Hotels and Motels in Corvallis

If you need a hotel or motel in Corvallis for youself or visitors, please take a look here: 


Most locations do not provide internet services and you will need to pay for this separately.

Internet Providers

There are two main providers in Corvallis:





Things to Consider

  • Your monthly housing budget.
    • Internet services can range from $50 to $100+ per month.
  • How fast does your internet REALLY need to be?
    • Refer to the chart below for comparisons of speed.
  • What additional services do you need?
    • You can usually pay for “bundled” services like Cable TV / DVR Recording / Sports TV in one price.
    • If you do not already have a compatible modem / route, you may have to rent one from the provider, which can add more costs.
  • Moving Services
    • If you plan to move to a new place and you have an existing contract, most internet services will allow you to move your internet service as well.
    • This is usually free, if you know how to install the service by yourself.
    • There will be a fee if you need the provider to install it for you.


How much speed do you need?

The minimum speeds for each activity below are estimated based on:

  • Only one device being used in the location.
  • Only one activity using the internet.




Total: ~10.5 mbps for one device

  • mbps = megabytes per second

A storage unit is a safe, secure place to store your belongings if you need a place to keep everything while moving to a new location.

Storage Unit Providers

There are three popular storage companies in Corvallis:



Corvallis Self Storage:
The Storage Depot:


Things to Consider

  • Typical cost of storage (per month):
    • $45 - $100+
  • How much space do you REALLY need?
    • Refer to the chart below for visual comparisons
  • How secure is the location?
    • Always be sure to check the location before paying for storage. Most locations usually have security to protect every unit.
  • How accessible will my items be?
    • Most storage locations allow you access to your storage unit 24/7, but always check to be sure.
  • Seasons & Costs
    • Depending on what season it is (Fall; Winter; Spring; Summer), the cost of storage per moth can change.
    • Be sure to plan ahead of time!


How much storage space do you need?

The below images show typical sizes for width x length (in feet).

  • Storage spaces are typically 8 feet in height.


If you only plan to live in Corvallis for a short time, it might be better and more convenient to rent furniture instead of buying it.

Furniture Rental Providers

There are two main furniture rental companies in Corvallis:


Things to Consider

  • Typical cost of rental (per month):
    • $100 - $250+
    • Some companies will allow you to split the cost with your roommates.
  • Different companies will have different rental contracts
    • Services provided may differ as well, so consider all your options!
  • How much furniture do you REALLY need?
    • Be realistic – do you really need two couches and two tables just for three months?
  • If you damage or dirty rental furniture in any way, there will be severe financial consequences.
    • Always protect the furniture! For example, consider getting a cover for the couch so nothing will dirty the actual couch.


Benefits of Renting Furniture

  • Renting furniture can be a cost effective option for most temporary living situations.
    • For example, if your program is only for one session or if you plan to live in the apartment only for a few months before moving to a permanent location.
  • Some companies also have the option for you to buy the items and keep them permanently.
  • Many furniture rental services will deliver and set up the furniture for you.
    • Once you are finished, they will also pick them up.
    • Be sure to check if there are delivery fees!
  • Some companies offer student discounts – be sure to ask if it is not listed on their site!
  • Some companies even offer houseware items to rent, such as kitchen and bathroom items.