Sites like Apartments and Zillow are very similar in how they are used. They can be great for finding available apartments / houses, especially if you have certain needs.

  • Note however, that it will not be a 100% list of everything available – always check other resources too!


The following example is taken from, to look for a 2-bedroom apartment that allows pets.

Step 1: Specify your initial search request:

Step 2: Review initial options

1. Click on this to filter with additional amenities

2. Click on this to save this listing (only if you’ve created and signed into an account)

3. This indicates how long the listing has been posted on the site. The less time = the fewer number of people who have seen it, so apply soon if you like it!


Step 3: Filtering Searches
  • When you click on the filter button shown above, you will see an additional menu:


There are many different ways to search for exactly what you are looking for.


The numbers in the brackets indicate how many listings match your requests.


Once you have selected what you need, click “Done” at the bottom.




Note: Keep in mind that finding all the features you want may not always be possible. Think about other ways you could get those features.

  • For example, if you absolutely must have air-conditioning, you may want to consider purchasing your own and finding an apartment that will fit it.


Once you have made your selections, it will show you all listings that match your requests:






Step 4: Review an option you like

  • When you click on a listing, you will be able to review further details about it, along with contact information for that listing.
  • Always be sure to check if they list additional fees, amenities, pictures, reviews etc.
  • Remember, this will hopefully be the place you will live in for the next month to a year +, so make sure it is as wonderful as it can possibly be!



Step 5: Contact the property

Most listings will provide an office address or a phone number you can call.

They may also have a contact form on the website so you can email them directly.

Note: If they have a local office, it is always best to visit them in person so that they can meet you!



Helpful Tips

  • Create an account for these websites.
    • You can save listings to look at later and even be notified if a new location becomes available.
  • If you find a place you like, Google it further.
    • You can often find more pictures online and reviews so that you can make a more informed decision.
  • Always check the address and the distance to your classes.
    • Remember, buses in Corvallis are free but you need to be near to a bus stop!
  • Redo your searches every day.
    • Something new may become available that is perfect for you!



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