Craigslist is an advertising website that is available in most cities of the U.S. You can use it to find anything from jobs, to community events, to phones and even housing.



  • Always be careful when searching for things on Craigslist. Anyone can post anything and it is not moderated.
  • Never post or send sensitive information or documents (such as bank account information, passport / I20 information or social security numbers).
  • Always meet the person selling what you are looking for – do not send any money without meeting the person first.


Searching for Housing

Searching on Craigslist is similar to using the websites in the previous pages.


Step 1: Select the filters you need and start your search

Step 2: Select a listing that looks appealing

Step 3: Review all the details about the listing

Note: the amount of detail for each listing can vary greatly. Keep in mind that some of these listings are not made by official property managements.

Fellow students can also post listings, looking for roommates or someone to take over their contract.


Contact information

If you do not see contact information in the details of the listing, you can always contact the person who posted it using Craigslist’s contact option


If you create an account on Craigslist, it will automatically generate a scrambled version of your email. This is to help protect your privacy.

If you copy the email address and paste it into your personal email service provider however, the other person will see your actual email address.





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