Using Your Dining Dollars

Read below to find out all about how your meal plan can be used on campus.

   How much is on my meal plan?

Each term, students living on campus will receive a meal plan allotment.  

  • 2023-2024 School Year = $960/term 


   How do I use my meal plan?

Your student ID card can be used to purchase items with your meal plan/dining dollars. When purchasing food at a UHDS facility, the cashier will ask for your student ID when you check out.


   Where can I use my meal plan?

You can use your meal plan at all UHDS dining facilities, which includes - 

  • Marketplace West (Main Dining Center on the West Side of Campus)
  • McNary Dining Center (Main Dining Center on East Side of Campus)
  • Southside Station at Arnold (Main Dining Center on South Side of Campus)
  • Cascadia Cafe and Cascadia Market, both located in the International Living-Learning Center (ILLC)
  • Off the Quad, located in the Memorial Union building
  • Bing's @ Weatherford


   How do the dining centers work?

At the dining centers, you purchase food a la carte.  The dining centers are NOT all you can eat.  Each item has a cash value that is deducted from your meal plan when purchasing.  However, when you use your meal plan, you will receive a 20% discount on your purchase.


   Is there a way to add more money to my meal plan?

You are able to load money into a separate account called "Orange Cash."  This will give you a 10% discount when used on campus.  The account can also be used at additional locations on campus.


   How should I budget my dining dollars to last all term?

Every time you make a purchase you can check with the cashier how much is left on your meal plan.  You should check often to make sure you know how much you have remaining.