OSU Code of Student Conduct

"Conduct" is the manner in which a person behaves. To make OSU a safe place, we have a set of rules called the Code of Student Conduct, and all students must comply with it. You are expected to follow these rules even when you are not on campus. 

OSU Code of Student Conduct is available here.

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Office of Student Conduct & Community Standards

This office helps students learn about OSU policies and rules, including the Code of Student Conduct. They can also help you if another student commits a crime against you.

Student Conduct & Community Standards
Location: 150 Snell Hall
Phone: 541-737-3656
Email: [email protected]

What would happen if I violated the conduct code?

If you break any of the conduct rules, you may face serious consequences and could be suspended from OSU. It may affect your immigration status as well. 


ASOSU Office of Advocacy

The Office of Advocacy provides advice and guidance to students who have a dispute within the university. They can help you with the following:

  • Code of Conduct violations
  • Cheating accusations
  • Grade appeals
  • Graduate student issues
  • UHDS conduct & contract issues
  • Student accounts & financial aids
  • International student issues
  • Equal Opportunity & Access cases

international advocacy

The Office of Advocay has the Peer Advocates who provide support to international students. They are also international students and are here to help you.

Meet the Peer Advocates here.


Office of Advocacy
Location: SEC 325
Phone: 541-737-9200
Email: [email protected]