International Advising

These forms are used by the Office of International Advising. They can be printed out ahead of a meeting with an international advisor, or can be given to you during an appointment. Signed forms can be submitted to University Plaza Suite 130, or the ILLC Welcome Desk.

INTO OSU Academic Support Team 

This link takes you to forms and guides related to your academics while you are an INTO OSU student. 

INTO OSU Finance

This link takes you to the INTO OSU Finance department's page, and gives more information about your student accounts. 

Request an Official Transcript

You can request an official transcript online or at the Registrar’s office in Kerr Administration building. To request an official transcript online:

  1. Go to Student Online Services.
  2. Click Student Records.
  3. Click Request Printed/Official Transcript.
  4. You can send it to a different school, send it to your current address, send it to OSU admissions, or send it to another address. Make your selection, then click Continue.
  5. Select how many copies you’d like. If you select Standard Shipping, the transcript is FREE; rush shipping will cost $30. Make your selection, then click Continue.
  6. Confirm that all information is correct. Make sure the address to which you’re having the transcript sent is EXACT and CORRECT. Click Submit Request.

How to Check Holds

Sometimes there will be a hold on your account, which may prevent you from doing certain things, such as registering for classes. To check your account for holds:

  1. Go to Student Online Services
  2. Click Student Records
  3. Click View Holds
  4. Note what the hold says

If you have any questions, please come to the ILLC Welcome Desk.

Print your Class Schedule

  1. Go to Student Online Services
  2. Click Registration
  3. Click View Your Class Schedule By Day & Time
  4. Ensure that your current schedule is visible. If you’re trying to print a future term’s schedule, you’ll have to click Next Week until you can see the future term.
  5. Once your desired schedule is visible, click Print in your browser’s File menu.