Late Registration Fees

If any student registers after the last day to register without a fee, they will be charged $250 from INTO OSU. There will be a separate fee applied by OSU of $50. The total fee for late registration is $300. This fee can be appealed.

Changing your INTO OSU Level

If you want to change a level after the placement test, you can submit a level change request to your instructor in class during the first two days of class.

Academic English Attendance and Academic Policies

Attendance Policy

Students must attend 70% or above in all of their courses.

At the end of the term, if a student has less than 70% attendance, the student will be put on a standing. Students who receive a suspension due to attendance standing are not admissible to Oregon State University (including INTO Oregon State University Programs).

  • End of term 1 below 70% = Attendance Warning
  • End of term 2 below 70% = Attendance Probation
  • End of term 3 below 70% = Attendance Suspension

If a student has a standing and attends above 70% in all classes, the student's standing will improve one level.

Academic Standing Policy

AE Students may not repeat any Reading and Writing (R&W) or Listening and Speaking (L&S) course more than three (3) times. If an AE student does not pass an R&W or an L&S course after three (3) attempts, he/she will be academically suspended from his/her Program and will not be admissible to Oregon State University (including INTO Oregon State University Programs).

  • Failing one time = Academic Warning
  • Failing a second time = Academic Probation
  • Failing a third time = Academic Suspension

If a student passes the class after the second time taking the class, the student will be back on Good Standing.

Pathway, SAWE 2, and VISP students

Pathway, Study Abroad with English (SAWE) 2, and Visiting International Students (VISP) are subject to OSU's rules and regulations for Satisfactory Academic Standing.

In-Program Progression Policy

Academic English:

Levels Foundation Prep, 1, 2, 3 and 3/4 split: Students must have an overall average of 73% or higher in Reading/Vocabulary (R/V), Listening/Speaking (L/S) and Writing/Grammar(W/G). Also, their test and quiz score average must be 73% or higher in each core skill area in Reading/Vocabulary (R/V), Listening/Speaking (L/S), and Writing/Grammar(W/G).

Levels 5 and 6: Students must have an overall average of 73% or higher in Reading/Writing (R/W) and Listening/Speaking (L/S). Their average on significant assessment tasks must also be 73% or higher in each core skill area in Reading/Writing (R/W) and Listening/Speaking (L/S).


Electives are not considered in level to level progression.

Students cannot move to the next level with a TOEFL or IELTS score.

Test Scores to Progress to Pathway or TAP

Currently enrolled students in IE, AE, SAWE, or VISP programs who are planning to enter a PW, UTP, IYO, Transitional Admission Program (TAP), or OSU degree-seeking program must also meet the following requirements to progress:

  • Completion of current term enrollment in Good Attendance Standing.
  • Completion of current term academic program (this includes all graded Academic English classes in any level) with a grade C or better in Reading/Vocabulary, Listening/Speaking, and Writing/Grammar and passing grades in elective courses.
  • Current enrollment must be at least AE level three (3) or higher and not be more than one language level below the desired entry level.

Note: This includes students who meet the language proficiency requirement based on a qualifying test score.

Students who are denied admission based on fulfillment of the language proficiency requirement, may appeal the decision if the student is in good attendance standing. The petition will be reviewed by committee to determine whether the language proficiency requirement has been fulfilled. The committee will consider a variety of factors including, but not limited to, academic performance, language level in Center, and ability for the student to be successful in the desired program.

The appeal process will be outlined in the email/letter informing the student of the denial and will conform to other appeal processes in the Center.