International Student Support Program (ISSP)

The ISSP is a great resource for stress management. If you want to talk to someone about your personal struggles in your own native language, contact the ISSP advisors! The app is called My SSP and you can install it onto your phone. If you want to know more about the program or have any questions, contact the Senior Coordinator for Care and Conduct.

Student Testimonial 1

"I was having trouble on my first term. My emotions were always bad. A school staff recommended me My SSP, so I used it. The counselor I talked to was very patient, and I was able to share many things about me including the troubles that I was having. My SSP helped me manage my stress and feeling of loneliness. Mental health is very important for everyone, and My SSP can help you feel better."

- Undergraduate Pathway Student, Male, China

Student Testimonial 2

“After I came to the United States, I felt very lonely. There were no native speakers around me to communicate with me. I used it and felt as if I had returned to my home country. After using ISSP, my loneliness and homesickness have been alleviated a lot. Whenever I need to talk to people, I open the app.”

- Undergraduate Pathway Student, Female, China


How do I get this App?

Download the free "My SSP" app at Google Play Store or iTunes Store.













What can this App help me with?

The ISSP advisors can help you with lots more! Simply contact them any time.













How does My SSP App work?

Download the app, and contact the ISSP advisors via chat or phone!










Self-care Tips

"Self-care" means that you are taking good care of yourself to manage your stress. Stress can be a helpful motivator, but too much stress can be harmful. 

Watch this video to learn more about how stress affects learning and how to reduce stress.

Other Ways to Manage Your Stress

Click the links below and watch a video to learn more about different ways to manage your stress.

  Breathing techniques


  Other ways to unwind


Cold Prevention Tips

It is very important that you stay healthy to avoid absences from you classes. Here are some tips to prevent you from catching a cold.

   Wash your hands, especially when coming back to your room and after using the bathroom.

  Go to bed early.

  Eat healthy food.

  Exercise regularly.

Do you need to miss class?  

Most professors have a sick policy in their syllabus. Look at the sick policy to help you make a decision and to prepare to miss class.

If you missed a class, contact your professor as soon as you can. Below is an example email.


Subject line: Alex JONES - Writing 101 - Missed class on 9/29/2018

Dear Professor Smith,

My name is [First, LAST]. I am in your Writing 101 class that meets Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 10 am. 

I was unable to attend your Writing class yesterday (Friday, September 29 2018). I understand from a classmate that a handout regarding the next assignment was distributed.

The syllabus saysthat your office hours are between 1:00 - 3:00 pm on Wednesdays. May I visit your office this Wednesday so I can receive the assignment and ask for clarification on the material presented in class?

I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you soon.


Alex Jones


Other things to do:

  • Try to keep up with your homework and reading as much as possible.
  • Get the lecture notes from a classmate.
  • Try your best to turn in assignments if you cannot get a later due date.    
  • Check Canvas.
  • Contact your advisor if you have concerns.