INTO OSU's Resource for Professional Development 

At INTO OSU, we have a Core Value focused on Growth and Development which states that "we grow and adapt to change with creativity, innovation, and flexibility both as individuals and as a group." For all our staff, no matter what career stage you may be at, we want to support and facilitate this core value. With that goal in mind, here are some professional development resources.



  Building Relationships & Professional Networking

  • INTO Net: Pre-recorded sessions on building professional relationships and links to LinkedIn courses are available here.



  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion



  Time Management & Wellness


  Professional Organizations

  • NAFSA: Tools and guidance to help build skills for professionals working in international education.



Podcast & Book Recommendations

  •   Podcast recommendations: 
    •  Hidden Brain: a podcast about psychology and what makes people tick.
    • Career Contessa: episodes on how to advance your career and improve work life.
    • Life Kit: NPR podcast on self-improvement topics.
  •     Book recommendations: 
    • Check out our new books: Waking Up White by Debby Irving, White Fragility by Robin DiAngelo, and Caste by Isabel Wilkerson.
    • Good To Great by Jim Collins. Recommended by Bob Gilmour. "Bob thinks it's an interesting read and the Directors have copies that people can borrow."
    • Stop by and browse INTO OSU's Professional Development Lending Library in 177C!

Monthly Highlights:

  • May 2024: FYI Fridays: OSU provided training sessions.
  • OSU Monthly Care talks: Join Care for monthly webinars where you’ll receive advice and guidance from expert speakers in areas such as childcare, senior care, financial literacy, emotional health, and more.  Every month features seven webinars across seven topics. Register to participate.
  • Check out INTO OSU's Professional Development Lending Library in 177C! To check out books, scan the QR code and fill out the form. If you would like to donate books that you have enjoyed, please see the Operations Specialist.
  • To request a new book for our library, there is a request form. See the library for the QR code. 

INTO OSU Resources

  • LinkedIN Learning: Access via Workday; offers a wide range of learning opportunities for growth and professional development.
  • INTO NET Learning: Topics range from teacher development, project management, marketing, leadership & management, software & tools, and more!
  • INTO Essentials: You will find courses on building relationships to networking to mental health -- this site has something for everyone. If you don't have a Workday account, email [email protected] for calendar invites for workshops or other access. Note that you will need to be logged into your email account on your web browser.
  • Unmind: Mental health toolkit. Find more info here.

OSU Provided Resources

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Updated May 2024