Most locations do not provide internet services and you will need to pay for this separately.

Internet Providers

There are two main providers in Corvallis:                                                                                                                                


Things to Consider

  • Your monthly housing budget.
    • Internet services can range from $20 to $100+ per month.
  • How fast does your internet REALLY need to be?
    • Refer to the chart below for comparisons of speed.
  • What additional services do you need?
    • You can usually pay for “bundled” services like Cable TV / DVR Recording / Sports TV in one price.
    • If you do not already have a compatible modem / route, you may have to rent one from the provider, which can add more costs.
  • Moving Services
    • If you plan to move to a new place and you have an existing contract, most internet services will allow you to move your internet service as well.
    • This is usually free, if you know how to install the service by yourself.
    • There will be a fee if you need the provider to install it for you.


How much speed do you need?

The minimum speeds for each activity below are estimated based on:

  • Only one device being used in the location.
  • Only one activity using the internet.


Total: ~10.5 mbps for one device

  • mbps = megabytes per second

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