Health Insurance

All international students at OSU and their dependents are required to have insurance coverage. Health insurance pays part of the cost of health care for you and your family if you are injured or get sick; however, you will usually have to pay some of the cost yourself. Have your insurance information saved in your phone, or bring your insurance card with you, every time you get medical or health services.


OSU has an excellent health insurance policy for students. Most international students use this plan, which is provided by Pacific Source Insurance Company. For more information, please go to this website.


Why do I need to enroll for the OSU Student Health Insurance Plan?

All international students who are registered for a minimum of one (1) on-campus credit are required to enroll in the OSU Student Health Insurance plan. If you are an eligible international student, you will be automatically enrolled and charged for this plan. 

It is because the medical and healthcare cost in the U.S. can be expensive, and without a health insurance, you might get into serious financial difficulty.

Watch this video to learn more about the U.S. Healthcare System.


How do I pay for the health insurance charge or fees?

You will receive an email that has instructions about paying the OSU student health insurance fees after they arrive at OSU. Please follow the instructions and make sure to pay the fees by the due date. You can pay the fee by cash or check at the Cashier's Office in Kerr Administration (campus map).


How do I access my health insurance ID Card? 

Once your health insurance starts and you've set up your free InTouch account, you can use the app to:

  • Access your ID card
  • Search for doctors and other healthcare providers
  • Call our 24-Hour NurseLine to ask a medical question
  • And more

Go to this page to learn more about InTouch App!


I brought my health insurance plan from my home country. Do I need to enroll for the OSU Student Health Insurance, too?

If you brought a health insurance plan from your home home country, or if your sponsor provides you with a health insurance, you need to submit a waiver form and a summary of your insurance coverage to the OSU Insurance Office

  1. Check the waiver dates for each term here.
  2. Download and complete an insurance waiver form
  3. Attach copies of your documents. Your documents need to be in English and in US Dollars.

Your documents need to clearly show:

  • the company’s name and address for billing
  • your policy number
  • begin and end date of the policy (must cover you at least from the first day of the term to last day of the term)
  • maximum amount of coverage per accident and illness in US Dollars
  • The completed waiver form and documentation must be turned in to the Student Health Insurance office room 110.
  • All requirements must be met with one insurance plan. Overseas Travel/Travel Insurance and Oregon Health Plan are not accepted. 

   4. You must clearly show your coverage is equal to that of the OSU Student Health Insurance. 

[IMPORTANT] If you have other health insurance plans and need to go see a doctor, please contact your health insurance company first and ask which clinics and hospitals in the area accept your health insurance. ALWAYS CARRY YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE CARD.


I have questions about my health insurance. Where is the OSU Health Insurance Office?

You can visit the Insurance office to ask questions or get help. They can tell you what your insurance will cover and how much you will have to pay yourself. They can also help you with a medical bill. Check out the OSU Insurance Office website as well.

Location: 850 SW 26th Street (by Reser Stadium)
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 am - 5 pm; Friday 9 am - 1 pm; closed 12-1pm 
Phone: (541) 737-6748
Email: [email protected]


If you need any assistance, please contact the Senior Student Success Services Coordinator for Care and Conduct.